Frequently Asked Questions

I keep on hearing the terms "Run-Time" and "FileMaker Powered" being mentioned. What do they mean?

Simply speaking a 360 Difference "Run-Time" solution has a FileMaker engine built in to the program whereas our "FileMaker Powered" solutions require a separate license of the application of FileMaker Pro to run.

While basically the same there are just a few limitations to our "Run-Time" solutions:

  • First of all they are single user only and are not networkable at all. If you need to allow multiple users to share access to the database system across either a peer to peer or LAN or WAN you will the FileMaker powered versions of our programs
  • While they can create Filemaker print out reports if you want those reports as PDFs to email to clients and associates you can’t automatically create and the file PDFs from within the 360 Difference application. Run-time user need to go to the print window and click save as a PDF on a Mac or use a utility program to create the PDF on a Windows machine

What is iOS?

iOS is the short name for Apple’s mobile operating system that they use to run applications on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (and Apple TV too). (for more information try : iOS (Apple)—WikiPedia)

Why wont my 360 Difference Windows Run-Time solutions run on my iPad?

Unfortunately the Windows version of the FileMaker Run-Time engine is not iOS compatible whereas the Mac Run-Time engine is. If you need to move your program back and forth between your Windows desktop or laptop and an iPad you will need to use a FileMaker Powered version of your 360 Difference application.


If I purchase a 360 Difference Runtime application now what will it cost me to upgrade to the FileMaker powered version sometime in the future is I decide I want those additional features? ( the ability to create Adobe® PDF or Microsoft® Excel files)

At the present time the 360 Difference portion of the upgrade if FREE. You will have to make arrangements with us to move your data over into the new system but even that service is free.

You would obviously however need to purchase a copy of FileMaker Pro 11 to power it. Typically you can purchase FileMaker Pro from Amazon our Amazon Store for around $265 to $275 but making the 360 Difference switch is free and we’ve made it like that to help encourage the switch. We think the PDF and Excel creation capabilities are well worth it plus there are other FileMaker powered solutions that come from FileMaker Inc as well as many other 3rd party vendors that businesses will find very useful. Visit Made For FileMaker to see some of what’s available out there.

Will 360 Difference run on an Android Tablet?

Well no, not yet at least. Technically speaking subscribers to a cloud hosted edition of 360 Difference would be able to use it via a web browser on a Android device using FileMaker’s Instant Web Publishing technology but we just haven’t created the IWP user interface and tested it yet. If that is something that interests you please contact us and we can talk about what it would take for us to get that up and running for you.

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