A Platform Of Integrated Tools

A robust, powerful, and scalable set of Estimating, Job Costing, Project & Business Management tools for Macintosh, iOS, and Windows that together make up an integrated small office /home office work environment that also meets the needs of larger builders and contractors too.


Create bids and proposals in less time using your own custom Unit Cost library that links your real costs for labor with your real costs for materials and deal costs for subcontractors and update the costs in your company’s cost book when those inputs change or use data. Manage communications with clients and all the project stake holders. And easily generate allowance sheets, production budgets, and contract documents from the estimate and more.

Daily Job Reports

With the 360 Difference Production set of tools a contractor can review and evaluate information collect in the field via our Daily Job Reports feature running on a laptop, iPad or even view that information as it’s collect in real time if the solution is remotely hosted in on one of our servers in the cloud.

Access Your Data From Anywhere

Run your 360 Difference System in the Cloud and access it from anywhere from any iPad running FileMaker Go or Macintosh or Windows Laptop computer running FileMaker Pro.

Macintosh & Windows & iOS Information Technology Solutions for Builders, Remodelers, & Contractors and the Home & Garden Industry

Estimating Cost Data Frameworks

Specialty contractors or even real cost conscious GCs may want and need a set of fully relational customized estimating data for their company’s operations. We can either either work with your staff to help you develop the data in-house or do all the R&D for you ourselves.

Custom FileMaker & iPad Application Development

We also develop custom cross platform solutions in FileMaker Pro and FM Go for the iPad solutions for builders remodelers and trade contractors.

Access Your Cloud Hosted Data Anywhere

We can host your 360 Difference solution on our servers in the cloud so you and your staff can connect and work from anywhere.

A Variety of Support & Training Options

We offer a variety of support and training options to meet the needs of businesses from small one person operations to large enterprises.

Interoperability With Other Programs

We can host your 360 Difference solution on our servers in the cloud so you and your staff can connect and work from anywhere.

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