360 Difference: Estimating: Getting Started

1. Getting Started – After starting up the program and clicking "Yes" to the license agreement you should see a screen that look like the one shown below.

360 Difference Opener

2. Logging In – Demo users just need to follow the instrustruction they see their to log in to the program with the Username Pat Macintosh (the fictional owner of the demo’s ficiton contracting business) and use the password "demo" (passwords are case sensitive).

360 Difference Log In Account Name & Passoword Prompt

The 360 Difference Home Screen: After a 1 second delay you should be taken to the "Dashboard" screen. From there you can click around to explore and get started.

You’ll note there are two buttons in the top right hand corner of virtually every screen in the program. The Help button will eventually take you to screen specific help pages on the web with movies and diagrams that should provide you the help you will need but as of right now I haven’t set any of them up yet so that button wont do you much good. However right next to it is the "bug" button which if you click on it it will open up your email client and provide me with information as to where you are within the program and you can then send me a description of either the problem you discovered, your help question, or a suggestion as to a feature or improvement you would like to see.

360 Difference Production Dashboard

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