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Macworld Video Tip: Seven iPad keyboard tricks – YouTube

Playing around with my iPad every once in a while I find myself typing along and wondering “How did I do that” or wondering “How did I get that result?“ While this video is 10 years old (its May 2023 as I’m updating this post) these tips are worth reviewing in that when we don’t use the “tricks” we sometimes lose or forget them. (I know I forgotten a couple of them).

As more and more of us use the iPad for regular business chores, we”re spending more and more time with its virtual, onscreen keyboard. That keyboard works pretty well as it is, but there are some tricks that every iPad user should know about that makes iPad keyboard input more efficient.

Moasure – Motion based measuring technology

A great sales survey and estimating takeoff tool for exterior contractors such as landscapers, hardscapers, gardeners, and paving contractors.

Moasure® ONE™

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