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Getting Started With The 360 Difference Demo

Step 1. — After decompressing the zip file click on the file named ‘360 Difference.fmp12’ to open the program. The file named ‘360 Difference Data.fmp12’ contains the program’s data but there are no user modified fields or layouts in it.

Step 2. —  Enter your Account Name and Password for this demo program which is:

Account Name: Pat Macintosh
Password: demo
(please note the password is case sensitive)

Step 3. —  After the program works out the paths to where your program’s data is stored (i.e. is on your local device or in the cloud) you will be taken to a screen where you can agree to our license or quit and close the program.

Step 4. — After accepting our license terms you then get a screen advising you that you are operating in demo mode.

Step 5. — After dismissing that screen by clicking “Okay, let’s go ahead and run the demo” you arrive at the Personal Log where you can create a TimeCard entry to keep track of what you are working on when logged into 360 Difference.


Step 6. — At the end of the logging in process after dismissing the Personal Log Book screen you’ll get to the 360 Difference Home screen.



What’s Ahead Fall 2015: The Capacity Based Markup Worksheet

CBMW_GeneralSummaryIt’s been a while since we’ve done anything new with our Excel based Capacity Based Markup Worksheet but since Microsoft has released a new version of Office for the Mac that has a feature set that is now as close to the Windows version as you can get I thought I would take the time to remodel the product and give it a little bit of a facelift and provide better documentation surrounding how to use it effectively.

We’re asking our user base for any suggestions and ideas they may have about what they would like to see in the new upcoming revision. If you have an idea or feature request please write about it in the comments section for this post. Alternately you can also email me or call me at our new Connecticut phone number at (860) 470-7686 to talk to me about your idea.

Were also going to develop a new version of the Worksheet in FileMaker 14 too that will run on any desktop or laptop machine running FileMaker 14 (and probably FileMaker 13 too) but perhaps more importantly it will also run on any iPad or iPhone running the FREE FileMaker Go application. And to our friends using Android you’ll be able to access and use it too through a web browser using FileMakers Web Direct Technology that runs FileMaker solutions directly in a web browser too (call us for more information).

Again leave us a reply in the comments below to tell us about your experience with the Capacity Based Markup Worksheet and what direction you would like us to go with it.

How Much Should I Charge by Ellen Rohr


How Much Should I Charge?:
Pricing Basics for Making Money Doing What You Love

Price $14.95

While she never uses the phrase ‘Capacity Based Markup’ in plain simple language that anyone can understand Ellen Rohr lays out and explains the mechanics of setting a price for your work using what is essentially a ‘Capacity Based Markup’ methodology.


Also I highly recommend her companion book:

WhereDidTheMoneyGoWhere Did The Money Go?- Easy Accounting Basics for the Business Owner Who Hates Numbers


It a great book for gaining a simple understanding of the accounting basics as contractors we often seem to skip over when we first go into business and don’t really pick up on or get interested in until we’re inspired by a crisis.

iOS: A visual history

Found this via A Complete Illustrated History Of iOS Every Apple Fan Needs To Read | Cult of Mac

iOS: A visual history | The Verge

From this great article/history/guide, this is something I’ve discussed with several people and am excited about as I work on developing moving 360 Difference to the iOS platform :

…Theoretically, an iPad or iPhone could now become somebody’s sole computing device. That’s a significant change and while it could portend bigger things for the iOS platform in the future, for now it’s more of a necessary condition for a mobile computing revolution than a sufficient one…

Running a Successful Construction Company by David Gerstel

RunningASuccessfulConstructionCompanyRunning a Successful Construction Company

List Price: $24.95
Price: $16.47 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25
You Save: $8.48 (34%)

Running a Successful Construction Company by David Gerstel is considered by many to be a seminal classic book on running a building and/or remodeling contracting business in addition to giving us a great explanation and the definitive phrase “Capacity Based Markup”.

Is in Chapter 5; Estimating and Bidding, and more specifically on pgs 167 through 168 that Gerstel talks about using what he calls a “Capacity Based Markup” which is the same thing as what is otherwise known as a PROOF or Indexed or Labor Allocated Markup which Irv Chasen, Ellen Rohr, and I all talk and write about and why it’s a safer better bet for a new contractor with a varied mixed of projects to use.

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