Macworld Video Tip: Seven iPad keyboard tricks – YouTube

Playing around with my iPad every once in a while I find myself typing along and wondering “How did I do that” or wondering “How did I get that result?“ While this video is 10 years old (its May 2023 as I’m updating this post) these tips are worth reviewing in...

Moasure – Motion based measuring technology

A great sales survey and estimating takeoff tool for exterior contractors such as landscapers, hardscapers, gardeners, and paving contractors.

Notability by Ginger Labs

An awesome tool for taking ad hoc notes and drawing over photos and other pictures to help customers visualize projects.

DEWALT Mobile Pro Construction Estimator Calculator App – Free Download

I have a relative who worked for Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. so I just downloaded DeWalt Mobile Pro to tell her what I think but haven’t really checked it out yet

Bosch MeasureOn | Bosch App Center

I like using Bosch MeasureOn but I hear they have an even more powerful app to use if your Bosch Laser Measuring device is BlueTooth enabled (mine isn’t).

A Safety Meeting App

Via Mark Paskell’s blog I learned about a new Safety Meeting App. Safety Meeting App – OSHA Compliance – Construction – Safety Topics Rated Top Safety App by Safety Meeting App – OSHA...