Macworld Video Tip: Seven iPad keyboard tricks – YouTube

Playing around with my iPad every once in a while I find myself typing along and wondering “How did I do that” or wondering “How did I get that result?“ While this video is 10 years old (its May 2023 as I’m updating this post) these tips are worth reviewing in...

Basics of Sharing a Database – Try FileMaker Video Series – FMTraining.TV – YouTube

DEWALT Mobile Pro Construction Estimator Calculator App – Free Download

I have a relative who worked for Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. so I just downloaded DeWalt Mobile Pro to tell her what I think but haven’t really checked it out yet

Bosch MeasureOn | Bosch App Center

I like using Bosch MeasureOn but I hear they have an even more powerful app to use if your Bosch Laser Measuring device is BlueTooth enabled (mine isn’t).

iOS: A visual history

Found this via A Complete Illustrated History Of iOS Every Apple Fan Needs To Read | Cult of Mac iOS: A visual history | The Verge From this great article/history/guide, this is something I’ve discussed with several people and am excited about as I work on...