Claris Connect For Building & Remodeling Contactors

Some Of The Connections We Can Help You With

About Claris Connect:

Claris Connect (Workflow Automation for Integrating Apps — Claris Connect) is a powerful low code automation platform that can greatly benefit construction and remodeling contractors by streamlining their operations and enhancing efficiency. It allows you to integrate and automate various software applications, services, and data sources, creating a seamless workflow and eliminating the need for manual data entry or repetitive tasks.

Claris Connect allows Building & Remodeling Contractors to setup data workflows between 40+ applications such as FileMaker, QuickBooks, Google Calendar, and more connections are being developed everyday. The developers at Claris have desingned Claris Connect to be a Low-Code application so setting up workflows can be as simple as dragging and dropping the triggers and actions you want to support you business processes.

With Claris Connect, you can connect different systems and tools commonly used in the construction and remodeling industry, such as project management software, accounting systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, scheduling applications, and more. By integrating these disparate systems, you can ensure that information flows smoothly between them, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Some Of The Benefits Construction And Remodeling Contractors Will Find Using Claris Connect:

  1. Workflow automation: Claris Connect enables you to automate routine tasks and processes, such as generating and sending invoices, updating project schedules, or notifying team members about changes. By automating these processes, you can eliminate manual errors, save time, and improve overall productivity.
  2. Data synchronization: Construction projects involve various data sources and systems. Claris Connect allows you to synchronize data between different applications, ensuring that information is consistent across platforms. For example, you can automatically update project status in your CRM when changes occur in your project management software.
  3. Enhanced collaboration: By integrating different tools and systems, Claris Connect facilitates better collaboration among project stakeholders. You can share relevant information, such as project updates, documents, or notifications, with the entire team, subcontractors, or clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page and improving communication.
  4. Streamlined project management: Claris Connect can integrate with project management software, enabling you to automate tasks like assigning resources, updating project timelines, or tracking project expenses. This automation simplifies project management processes, allowing you to focus on critical aspects of construction or remodeling projects.
  5. Improved customer experience: With Claris Connect, you can integrate your CRM system with other applications, enabling a seamless flow of customer data and interactions. This integration allows you to provide better customer service, manage leads effectively, and ensure a personalized experience throughout the construction or remodeling process.

In summary, Claris Connect empowers construction and remodeling contractors to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration by integrating and automating various software applications and data sources. By leveraging this platform, contractors can streamline their workflows, reduce manual effort, and focus on delivering successful projects.

Some Of The Popular Applications For Integration That We Have Seen Contractors Use That We Can Connect To:

  • Slack
  • Dropbox
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Hubspot
  • DocuSign
  • Calendly
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Maps
  • MailChimp
  • Claris FileMaker Server/Cloud
  • Trello
  • Outlook
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Formstack
  • EventBrite
  • Shopify
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