360 Difference Demo Software Request


Read Me First, REALLY !

The demo request is not automatic. In other words your not going to get the demo download link immediately after submitting the form. We are going to read it and see if it’s a worthwhile request and not just some spammer and then we’re going to send you an email with a link to the demo download page that we think best fits your request.  The more information you give us the better we can help you out.

Selecting The Right Version of the Program!

Make sure you select the correct demo version too. There are three basic options:

  • The 360 Difference Filemaker Powered Version (For Mac) requires you to have a copy of FileMaker Pro to run the program!
  • The 360 Difference Filemaker Powered Version (For Window) requires you to have a copy of FileMaker Pro to run the program!
  • If you want to run 360 Difference Estimating WITHOUT installing FileMaker Pro on your computer you will need to select the “360 Estimating 4-Runtime Mac Version.” (We’re sorry but we do not have a RunTime version of 360 Difference 4.0 for Windows yet. It’s coming soon. Call us for more information at 860-470-7686 8am-5pm EST)

The preview demo is programmed to run as a time limited demo and comes as a compressed Zip file and requires a decompression utility such as Winzip or Stuffit to decompress it.

Get A Live Personal Online Demonstration Of How The Program Works

Also please give us a call at 860-470-7686 8am-5pm EST or check the box to have us call you in the demo request form to arrange a live personal online demonstration of how the program works via GoToMeeting Online Meeting Software with HD Video Conferencing

Our Privacy Policy

We’ll use your email address to send you information about 360 Difference and ParadigmProjects.com news maybe 4 or so times a year and will always give you the option to opt out of our mailings. We’ll certainly never give your information to anyone else.

Demo Request Form

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