With the release of Filemaker 13  back in December 2013, we were really excited about the new tools and feature they given us as developers.

Enhanced iOS Feature Support :

FileMaker Inc. already leading the way in iOS application development now adds features that will give us an opportunity to design an even better and more visually familiar iOS experience.

  • Popovers : Popovers are a kind of extension of layouts and allows accommodation of more layout objects and a thrill to look at.
  • Slide Controls : These are an extension of tab panels and are a real treat to eyes. With this one can have a switch tabs with the slide of the finger in iOS devices.
  • New Keyboards for iOS : This is a welcome feature which enables a user to select different keyboard controls like numeric, alpha-numeric, email, Phone number etc.
  • Barcode scanning : Now scan barcodes directly from the iOS device without any external plugin with ‘InsertFromDevice’ script step.

Web-Direct (FileMaker Web Direct) :

 In many ways this is a breakthrough new technology  for FileMaker and it replaces no kills off the old IWP (Instant Web Publishing) technology that early versions of FileMaker enjoyed. With web direct we can now publish our FileMaker solution directly on the web and the experience running your software through a web browser with be almost exactly like the desktop/laptop experience (no multiple windows in the Web Direct application). With this technology cloud hosted 360 Difference users will be able to create accounts for other project and business stakeholders such as employees, sub-contractors, clients and professional services such as accountants and allow them to access and/or contribute relevant data via 360 Difference designed application running in their web browser (Safari 6.x and Safari 7.x, Chrome 27.x, Internet Explorer 9.x or 10.x, and the word is sometime in the near future an array of mobile browsers too).
The other limitations to the Web Direct application experience that we’ll be thinking of and working around as we continue 360 Difference development are:
  • Rich text styles cannot be used.
  • Multiple windows support not possible.
  • Importing data from external sources (XML, ODBC)
  • Some script triggers not supported ( i.e.OnObjectKeystroke andOnLayoutKeystroke ) 
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