Step 1. — After decompressing the zip file click on the file named ‘360 Difference.fmp12’ to open the program. The file named ‘360 Difference Data.fmp12’ contains the program’s data but there are no user modified fields or layouts in it.

Step 2. —  Enter your Account Name and Password for this demo program which is:

Account Name: Pat Macintosh
Password: demo
(please note the password is case sensitive)

Step 3. —  After the program works out the paths to where your program’s data is stored (i.e. is on your local device or in the cloud) you will be taken to a screen where you can agree to our license or quit and close the program.

Step 4. — After accepting our license terms you then get a screen advising you that you are operating in demo mode.

Step 5. — After dismissing that screen by clicking “Okay, let’s go ahead and run the demo” you arrive at the Personal Log where you can create a TimeCard entry to keep track of what you are working on when logged into 360 Difference.


Step 6. — At the end of the logging in process after dismissing the Personal Log Book screen you’ll get to the 360 Difference Home screen.



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