Once again I am rebuilding/redesigning this website while keeping the existing website up and in-service.

After working on it while it was setup in on my local computer using Local and then in a ParadigmProjects.com subdomain online until I finally decided I was close enough to significantly modifying enough of all my old content (64 pages and 143 blog posts!) to make the switch over to making the changes to the live active website.

I chose to do it that way because a lot of my content is link to from elsewhere on the web so rather than having to deal witth scores of redirects I am trying to keep all the old URLs in place..

There are still problems, I know that, but it was really time to get going and I’ll continue to working on and updating things while “we’re in flight”. There will be some glitches, spelling & syntax errors, and hopefully only a few 404 errors so I apologize for any inconvience but it was time to move into the newly remodeled home here.

I am reminded that years ago there was a great commercial for EDS (Electronic Data Systems) about building airplanes while they we’re flying in the sky and I think that is apropos to what I am doing as I remodel the website.

I am reminded of an EDS TV commercial from years ago…