In preparation for the release of 360 Difference 3.2 later this winter or early spring we’ve redesigned and reorganized our website.

The Evo4 CMS WordPress Theme
by Ray Gulick

We stepped away from the HTML table based design we had here and remodeled the site this time using CSS to format the presentation and WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). To do that we took the Evo4 CMS WordPress Theme developed by Ray Gulick of Evolution Web Development as a development framework and modified the CSS to look like another Macintosh inspired WordPress theme we’ve used before called iTheme design by Nick La (our design for the website uses Nick La’s iTheme as a framework and we just we made changes there to the CSS too to get the right look for that site).

The iTheme design by Nick La

You can see from the screenshots on the right of the two designs that they have a very different look so when you see how the Evo4 theme can be CSS coded to look like iTheme you can begin to see the power and design flexibility that CSS gives to web designers.

Our choice of using WordPress as a Content Management System also enabled us to use the WP e-Commerce plug-in from to organize and run The 360 Difference Store.

As we continue to add software products this spring and post training videos and answer support questions in our FAQ we hope you’ll all tell us how this new web design looks and works for you.

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