360 Difference JumpStart

(Coming in February 2011)

360 Difference JumpStart is our new scaled down introductory version of our enterprise level product 360 Difference Estimating. It’s intended for the new or small contractor who will typically estimate a project by looking at the tasks involved and just assigning a certain amount of labor hours and a small list of materials to the individual tasks and then total them up with an appropiate markup applied to come up sale price for the project.

For Macintosh users 360 Difference JumpStart will come in Run-Time and FileMaker Powered versions and work on your desktop , laptop, and iPad and have the ‘intelligence’ to recognize which platform it’s is on. (For Windows users the desktop-laptop-iPad switching convience is limited to the FileMaker Powered version since the Windows RunTimes are not iOS compatible )

To learn more about this product give us a call at 914-301-5838.

The 360 Difference Estimating Toolset:

Estimate Module DashboardThe Simple Estimate Worksheet

They can then select materials for the Materials file in the program and select and enter those costs in the estimate worksheet too and again the program automatically calculates and enters the price with the appropriate markup applied.

Estimate Module DashboardTrade Rate Profiles

360 Difference JumpStart users can create up to three different Trade Cost Profiles and Billing Rates using the same Internal Trade Cost Profile worksheets that are a part of 360 Difference Estimating program (and our Capacity Based Markup Excel Worksheet too). They then point and click to select the billing rate they want to include on an estimate worksheet and then enter the labor hour figure for that task and the program automatically calculates and enters the price.

The Trade Rate Profile Worksheet is 360 Difference’s built in labor burden calculator. What you pay an employee win their wage and what that employee actually costs you are two different things and the Trade Cost Profile Worksheet determines that actual "True" cost for you.

The worksheet is broken down into four basic areas.:

  • The Billable and Non-Billable Time Worksheet where you enter in data for work hrs per day workdays per week and work weeks per year along with data to account for paid holidays, sick days, company meetings, training time and other non-billable time.
  • The Basic Standard Cost Worksheet where after entering the employees wage the employers cost for FICA, State and Federal Unemployment Insurance & Workers Compensation are computed.
  • The Benefits Cost Worksheet where any employee benefits you offer as an employer such as health insurance, retirement, education and Training or any other miscellaneous benefit costs are factored
  • And the Miscellaneous Variable Overhead Cost Worksheet where other variable overhead costs you want to assign to an employee’s position such as Vehicle Costs, Tools Allowances, Cell Phones etc can be assigned.

Estimate Module DashboardThe Materials List

The user can select for a list of materials searchable by supplier or by materials category and then paste that material into a cost estimate worksheet and after entering the appropiate quantity the program then automatically calculates the extended cost and adjusts the price with the appropriate markup applied.


Information Coming Soon…

Information Coming Soon… (but the program is probably going to be around $55-$65 and will require a FileMaker Go license to run on an iPad.

Information Coming Soon…

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