Contract Adminstration

Organize and track contracts, create and track payment schedules, and create and track change orders too.
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The 360 Difference Contract Administration program module helps you organize and track contracts, create and track payment schedules, and create and track change orders too. Please note this module is not supplied with standard boiler plate contract and change order text. We ask users to send us the contract and change order text they want to use and we then custom program the module with that text so it specific to you and your company.

Gary Ransones JLC Contractor's Legal KitThis example has been set up to show you how from 360 Difference Estimating you can automatically create and print, fax, or email a contract in minutes starting with a click of button. The contract text we used in the example is from Gary Ransone’s The Contractor’s Legal Kit: The Complete User-Friendly Legal Guide for Home Builders and Remodelers but any contract text from any other source that you can provide us in MS Word or Text format can be programmed in.

From the Estimate: Output Options screen by clicking on the Lock Estimate and Create a Contract Proposal button (or the Lock Estimate and Create a Change Order button the information in the estimate will be sent to the Contact Manager Module and a new contract document will be created based on the information from that particular estimate such as Client Name , Venue, Description & Notes (which becomes the basis of your GENERAL SCOPE OF WORK DESCRIPTION) and the Cost and Price information. That will then take you to the Contract Manager module Contract Agreement screen example will show you the differential between your Estimate Total and the Sum of you Contract Payments making it easier “to see what you have left to work with”.

When the portal results meet your satisfaction you click on the green button which says “Set Payment Schedule Text” and that locks those text entries and amounts and places them in the actual contract document. You then click the tab button up top labeled Additional Contract Data to go to the next screen to further edit the contract if you need to.

Contracts: Enter Basic Details & Create Payment Schedule View

Contracts: Enter Details View

Contracts: Print Preview View

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