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Requests For Proposals submitted to subcontractors

The 360 Difference Purchase Order Module helps you write, distribute, and organize Purchase Orders for materials and/or services from your suppliers and external subcontracting partners. The proper use of the 360 Difference Purchase Order system can maintain and update pricing in the company Unit Cost/Price Book

What’s The Difference Between A Purchase Order And An Invoice?

Timing primarily…

A construction purchase order and an invoice serve different purposes in the business transaction process. Here are the key differences between them:

Purpose: a Purchase Order (PO) is a document issued by you the buyer to a seller, indicating the types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. It serves as a formal request for the seller to provide the specified goods or services. whereas an Invoice, on the other hand, is a document issued by the seller to you the buyer after the goods or services have been provided. It includes details such as the quantity, unit prices, total amount due, payment terms, and other relevant information.

Timing: a Purchase Order (PO) is created and issued by the buyer before the goods or services are delivered whereas an Invoice is generated and sent by the seller after the goods or services have been provided as a request for payment.

Content: Purchase Order (PO) typically includes information such as the description of the goods or services, quantity, unit price, total amount, delivery date, and any other terms and conditions where as an Invoice contains details about the products or services delivered, the agreed-upon prices, taxes, discounts, total amount due, payment terms, and the seller’s payment information.

Legal Implications: a Purchase Order (PO) is not necessarily a legally binding document in terms of payment. It serves as a formal request and outlines the terms and conditions of the purchase where as an Invoice is a legally binding document that requests payment from the buyer for the delivered goods or services according to the terms stated in the invoice..

Flow of Documentation: with a Purchase Order (PO) the process typically starts with the issuance of a purchase order by the buyer, which is then acknowledged by the seller and when accepted by the seller it becomes a contract betweeen the buyer and seller for the delivery or those materials and/or services. An Invoice on the other hand is created and delivered after the goods or services are delivered, the seller sends an invoice to the buyer, initiating the payment process.

In summary, a purchase order initiates the purchasing process by specifying what the buyer wants, while an invoice is a request for payment issued by the seller after fulfilling the order. Both documents play crucial roles in managing and documenting the procurement and payment processes.

More On Building and Maintaining A Purchase Order System:

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