An Overview of the 360 Difference System "Toolset"

A Set Of Easily Customizable FileMaker Based Tools For Contractors

360DifferenceSystem360 Difference is a set of robust, powerful, and scalable set of Estimating, Job Costing, Project & Business Management tools for Macintosh, iOS (iPad &iPhone), and Windows operating systems build on the FileMaker Pro 11 software platform that together makes up an integrated small office /home office work environment that is scalable to meet the needs of larger builders and contractors too.

360 Difference is a set of separate stand alone modules designed to manage:

Estimating, Production, Job Costing, TimeKeeping, CRM, HR, Contract Administration, Invoicing, Document Management, Daily Job Reports , Employment Applications, Employment Reviews, Vehicle Management, Customer/Client Preferences, and more…

Why FileMaker Pro?

We’ve built the system in FileMaker Pro 11 a powerful yet easy to use cross-platform database and by adding by adding FileMaker Go to your software toolset you can take your FileMaker Pro information with you on the iPhone and iPad anywhere you go. FileMaker Pro is arguably today’s most user end-user friendly database while still providing developers like us with some very powerful tools to build applications with.

It allows us to build very scalable software solutions from stand alone single user desk & laptop applications which are either powered by the user running FileMaker Pro 11 or are one of our run-time applications (which have a built in FileMaker Pro engine*) to peer to peer networks for up to 9 simultaneous users, and then FileMaker Server 11 powered local and wide area cloud based networks for up to 250 simultaneous users.

Interoperability With Other Programs

MoneyWorks_family_240x139With the installation of a free plug-in our FileMaker based application can connect with the any of the accounting programs from MoneyWorks on both the Mac & Windows platform and with the installation of the FMBooks Connector plugin our applications can connect to QuickBooks for Windows (sorry MacUsers but QB for Mac is not supported, Intuit has never produced an programmers API for thier Macintosh product).

There are also plug-ins that enable connectivity with iCal, Address Book, and Mail on the Mac and OutLook on the Windows platform too. Please call us for more details and to discuss your possible configurations. No two companies are the same.

Learn More About Connectivity & Integration With Other Programs

Deploy 360 Difference In the Cloud and Connect to Use the Program Anywhere

360 Difference can be remotely hosted in the cloud allowing you and your employees to access the program and share and exchange data in real time via laptops and desktop computer workstations running FileMaker Pro or iPad and iPhones running FileMaker Go.

Learn More About Accessing Your Cloud Hosted Data Anywhere

(* There are some limitations to the run-time power versions of our applications such as runtime applications cannot be shared over a network, do not include the ability to create Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel files, and do not include the support for External SQL Data Sources.)

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