Connectivity & Integration With Other Programs

360 Difference Applications Can Be Custom Programmed To Work With Many Other Programs You Use
interoperabilityFileMaker, the core technology that 360 Difference is built on, includes many features that allow seamless interoperability and integration with other programs. FileMaker talks XML, ODBC, and JDBC natively (FileMaker Pro and External SQL Data Sources.MOV), imports and exports to Excel and Apple’s Numbers (FileMaker and Excel | FileMaker Pro 11), and there are many third-party plug-ins that allow for other connections other software tools on both the Mac and Windows platforms. And if you do need a custom application or custom connection with another software program FileMaker is legendary as a cost effective rapid application development platform (see FM Inc. whitepaper: Supercharging Return on Investment with Rapid Application Development Tools for more information) .

Accounting ProgramsMoneyWorks_family_240x139

With the installation of a free plug-in our FileMaker based application can connect with the any of the accounting programs from MoneyWorks on both the Mac & Windows platform and with the installation of the FMBooks Connector plugin our applications can connect to QuickBooks for Windows (sorry MacUsers but QB for Mac is not supported, Intuit has never produced an programmers API for thier Macintosh product).

QuickEyeEstimate Takeoff

Until recently Mac Users who wanted a take-off tool to work with drawings from plan rooms or work with drawing that came from anywhere for that matter found themselves left out in the cold and they had to devote a machine (virtual or otherwise) to run the Windows OS with one of Windows based Take Off tools.QuickEye_05_sm

Well now there’s QuickEye and while it does bring a rich set of take-off features  to the Mac platform its’ also for Windows users too. They have a regularly updated schedule of Go To Meeting based training classes that you can just call them about and speak to one of the trainers . If you’re ready to go and want to get started right away visit their Account Setup & Purchase License page to get yourself started.

360 Difference imports takeoff information from QuickEye Estimator and then looks up the related cost information for takeoff items and plugs them into the estimate your working on where you can then organize them and add other work items not related to the projects quantity takeoff .

Other ‘Made For FileMaker’ Programs

MadeForFilemakerThere is a wealth of other programs built using the FileMaker Pro database tool and technology performing a wide variety of business tasks that can we can help you integrate with your 360 Difference System.

Other Connectivity

There are many third-party plug-ins that allow for other connections other software tools such as:

  • Mail (Mac)
  • Address Book (Mac)
  • Entourage (Mac)
  • Outlook (Windows)
  • Exchange (Windows)

Please call us for more details and to discuss your possible configurations. No two companies are the same.

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