Work Packages

A work package is a distinct and manageable unit of work within a project, consisting of specific tasks and activities with clear boundaries and assigned responsibilities.
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In the Purchasing Tab you enter or find the Invices for Purchases or Deliveries to the Venue that day According to Max Wideman and his Comparitive Glossary off Project Management Terms a work package is:

A generic term for units of work as a sub-division of the total scope of a project. As a project progresses through the various stages, work packages will be identified at progressively lower (greater) levels of detail. At any given level the content of the work packages will be entirely contained within any given code item definition.


While an agreement or contract will contain one or more work packages, such work packages should be the responsibility of only one department, consultant, sub-consultant, contractor or trade contractor. The smallest work package should still be large enough to be a scope of work that could be competitively bid and awarded as a contract by itself. A Work Package may be further sub-divided into tasks and resources (labor and materials etc.) 

A “work package” is a term commonly used in project management to refer to a specific, manageable, and measurable component of work within a project. It is a way to break down a project into smaller, more easily manageable units. Work packages are typically the lowest level of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team.

Each work package in a project contains a set of related tasks or activities that contribute to achieving a specific objective or deliverable. Work packages are designed to be distinct, with clear boundaries, well-defined scopes, and assigned responsibilities. They help in organizing and planning the project, assigning resources, estimating costs, and tracking progress.

In summary, a work package is a detailed and specific portion of a project’s scope that is assigned to a particular team or individual and is a fundamental building block for effective project management.

The 360 Difference Work Packages Module was loosely modeled after the HomeTech Spec Req forms I used back in the 1980s and early 1990s that I used to organized projects before I became computerized. And the thinking was a bunch of these Work Packages would go together to make up an Estimate.

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